Pitch Decks for N6A

The goal of this project was to create a pitch deck that would be appropriate for clients that are categorized as “business to consumer”, and could be completely editable by the team. The design highlights utilizes curves, which is part of brand language, and a subtle gradient as accents throughout. White is the primarily background color to create a light and fresh feel. The header type is Abril Fatface, who’s bulbousness was mimics the circles used throughout our brand, News Gothic is used as the body type, and Rubik, the brands primary typeface, is used as an accent type in this piece.

A second version of the deck was also designed to work for clients that are categorized as “business to business”. N6A’s brand colors are blue, so a navy was used as the main color throughout the deck. Rubik, the primary brand typeface, is used as the header type, one of Rubik’s lighter weights was used so the deck does not feel too heavy. New Gothic is used for the body copy, and Abril Fatface is used as an accent to add just a touch of whimsy.

Final decks were built in Microsoft Powerpoint to allow for the sales team to edit the documents.

Some content has been edited or altered to protect proprietary information. To see PDFs of the full decks or other presentations please contact me.

Role: Art Director & Graphic Designer

Completed at North 6th Agency