Indoor Harvest

Indoor Harvest came to North 6th Agency to design their branding, including logo, colors, and typefaces, followed by an investor pitch deck. Indoor Harvest is a biopharmaceutical company within the cannabis industry. The company’s primary focus is to isolate cannabis molecules for pharmaceuticals, so my goal was to draw inspiration from the science side of their business, without ignoring the cannabis agriculture. The logo I designed is based on standard molecular structure, that has been made fresh and modern with custom typography. The colors are inspired by the plants and light structures used in their vertical farming facilities.

Within the investor pitch deck custom-drawn cannabinoid molecular structures are used as a background pattern throughout, which not only speaks to the work of Indoor Harvest, but brings back the iconography introduced through the logo. The brand colors are expressed through the layout and the photography, which is a mix of client photos, architectural renderings, and professional photography.

Some content has been edited or altered to protect proprietary information. If you would like to see a PDF of the full decks or other presentations please contact me.

Role: Art Director & Graphic Designer

Completed at North 6th Agency